Jasper Verolme


Personal career,

This blog started in summer 2015 to find a place to write about my experiences as a fulltime photographer. I love telling stories and with my commercial work I am always telling the stories of my clients, not that of my own. This blog is dedicated to be my photo journal and show you a little bit of what’s going on in my life.

I started photographing around 2010. This is the same year I applied for the Dutch School for Photography. I graduated in 2013 and started working as an independent photographer. I founded my business Javelinphotos and so far worked for various clients worldwide. I specialized in portraiture and composite photography.


Military career

Before my photography career started I was working in the Dutch armed forces as a professional Soldier in 13the Armored Brigade based in Oirschot, the Netherlands. Here I sparked my interest in photography. I bought a camera and started taking it with me on exercises. I tried to apply for a photography job within the armed forces but this was denied due to lack of education. this is the year I left the armed forces and started my photography course. During my education I did my internships with the Audio/Visual services of the Armed forces. I could stay a year since I fell right in place there.

In 2015 I was contacted by an newly formed organization in the Dutch department of defense, I applied to there job and since 2016 I’m back in my uniform and now working as a Corporal/Photographer in the Royal Netherlands Navy. I work as a all-round photographer and specialize in Photojournalism.

I truly have my dream job.