I get inspired by various things. Sometimes its a good vibe, sometimes its a well dressed women, or a well designed house. These are my latest finds on the internet.

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soundsnaked:Source: @scandinavianhomesthelastangels:niftyncrafty: DIY Transparent Frames with Pressed Leaves // Froken OverspringhandlingsThis looks amazing! Like seriously this combines but love of plants and not being able to keep them alive successfully. Because their beauty will remain in the frame! So cool![qddd]draftthemes:motivationsforlife:Singing River by Wang Yao Free minimalistic Tumblr themes & layouts at http://draft-themes.co/!Follow us on Instagram!!!wehadfacesthen:Paul Newman, New York, 1956salvalopez:MSC Preziosa cruise for Monocle. April 2016instagram.com/salvalopez
electricwest:My kinda place 🦂 photo via Pinterest #electricwest #desertvibes #roadtrip #motel #canyonlands #travelgoalsmnswrmagazine:Amazing style by @shuhei_nishiguchi / 📷 @fabriziodipaoloph MNSWR style inspiration || #menswear #menstyle #mensfashion #dapper #outfit #mensstylebetonbabe:DEMOLITION OF A BUILDING AT KÖSLINER STRASSE IN BERLIN, 1961porn4ladies:19.rainy day & me.draftthemes:High Quality, Free Tumblr Themes! Follow us on Instagram!!!soundsnaked:Source: @ruth_and_joanna