Berlin – Germany

Last weekend I went on a four day trip to Berlin.

It took me only a couple of hours to realize four days is way to short for this city. I haven’t been in such a photographic place in ages!
We went there to explore the amazing nightlife and there diverse cultural past.

Berlin is a briljant city. Its big and just like Rotterdam the city I am from, the highlights are far away from each other. because its one of the most bombed places in the world the infrastructure is very well organized after the rebuilding of the city. Well you have to take in account there is still a very visible eastern and western part of town.
But the Tram and Metro system gets you everywhere. You can travel with public transport to all places very easy. I shouldn’t advise this but locals told us they never check on tickets with Public transport so we just traveled the city for free. If we couldn’t get there we took a Taxi which are relative cheep.

We stayed in a hotel in Friedrichsheim Area. This Area is full of small cafe’s, bistro’s and bars. This area is great for street photography. Amazing graffiti and beautiful people all around. Although you shouldn’t call them by this name.. its basically hipster paradise. I just wanted to portrait everyone there but I didn’t had time nor the equipment with me for this. Highlights of this area are some amazing clubs, some of the most exclusive in the world like Berghain. We visited Salon Zur wilden Renate, where they don’t search your pockets but do put stickers on your mobile devices camera’s because photography is strictly forbidden inside. What a nice way to demotivate me to take pictures of everything I see! (No sarcasm). It was a amazing club. Because all the clubbing we did we mostly woke up late so my photography is a bit limited. It took my camera with me on two occasions.

On Friday we did a walk trough al the tourist area’s and monuments. We strawled across the “Unter de Linder” visited the Brandenburger Tor, The Holocaust memorial and the Reichstag. After this we went for some shopping at Alexanderplatz and then went clubbing again.


Fast forward to 3 in the afternoon we got breakfast at Szimpla Kaffeehause. If I can give you some advise. Visit this place! It looks awesome and there food and service is amazing! After this we walked to the East side gallery, This is a 1,3 kilometer part of the Berlin wall filled with famous paintwork from 1990. Great suprise was that the backside was an open air photo exposition with an amazing photo series of Syria. We walked to the Urban Spree area. This is an old railway complex, now one of the highlights of Friederichsheim. We had dinner at Burger AMT, this was near our Hotel and we coincidentally ended up there. Apparently this is one of the best Burger places in town and it was mindblowing good.


On our last day we visited the Teufelsberg listening station. This is an old NSA listening post from the cold war area and today is a hippy haven full of strange art and Graffiti. This is one place you have to visit when you go to Berlin. You pay 7 euro’s to get in and there are guided tours. We didn’t got one and explored the place by ourself. It was definitely worth it, it gives you an amazing view of the city. Be aware you will skip leg day after you visited!


Berlin, I will see you again very soon!



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