DIY: 15 Euro Portrait and Product background



I think every photographer once had the idea to make a background out of window blinds. However a little tutorial is nowhere to be find.This morning I was planning a photoshoot for tomorrow and the idea came back to me again. Why not just give it a try? I hate moving paper backgrounds. It’s always a hustle to get all the gear in my car and set them up. And honestly for a headshot I don’t need a full 11 meter roll of paper. So today I got a little creative.


What Do you need?

  • 1x 120cm window blinder; A translucent of course.
  • 1x 32x50mm x 210cm pinewood plank
  • Two light stands/tripods
  • A drill
  • A Screwdriver (optional)
  • A measurement tool
  • A Saw (optional)


The build

First I bought the window blinds at a store called JISK. I read online that the IKEA ones are not that great to use as a background. I have the JISK blinds in my bedroom and they work great, I knew they where Cheep; They only cost me €11! I went to the hardware store and bought a plank which I thought would be suitable for my project. I ended up with a 32x50mm pinewood plank. (Pinewood is soft and easy to work with). The stores wood shop cut it for me to 130cm. this cost me €3,58. (If I had cut it myself it would have saved me €0,50, But I’m not that cheep!) So at home I measured out the plank, draw two line at 5cm on both sides. I used a small wood drill to drill first to make sure the wood wouldn’t crack. I put in the screws and mounted the two brackets. I Put in the window blinds, and they fitted perfect on my first try. After this I drilled two big holes on both sides to mount my Tripods on. Again, start small work you way up with the drill, so you won’t crack your wood! I use two heavy duty background stands with a cross beam, The holes can be made smaller then a ordinary light stand, But that’s just a matter of making the holes wider. I also aded two small hooks where I can put the blinder behind for transport. Of course you can also use elastics for this.










Pro tip

If you are born with two left hands, Or maybe you have children who just started in photography, Ask dad! I’m sure if you give the man a beer he will build this in 15 minutes!

Of course you can decide to paint it black for a more professional look. A nice extra is that you can change the background color really easy. If you take a Cheep brand, and you are sure it won’t go out of production anytime soon you can keep changing them, It will only cost you 11 euros! I chose a beige/white color, But I will also buy a nice dark gray for other projects. I’m sure this work cos I used my bedroom window blinds for portraits before.


Thanks for reading. Do you guys like DIY’s? Let me know If i should do more!






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