Early morning adventure at Moerputtenbrug


Yesterday I woke up early to catch a good sunrise. The weatherman told me that there was a great change of fog in the morning. So I set my alarm, got up, drove my car out of town, and guess what; No fog. Even worse a heavy overcast would slimmen my changes of a sunset. Anyways recently I heard this quote from a movie (I think it was “wild” and I wasn’t any good), But i liked the quote; ‘There’s a sunrise and a sunset every day, and you can choose to be there for it — you can put yourself in the way of beauty.’ I liked it, It’s a great motivator to rise early and great the sun good morning. My plan was to go to the “Moerputtenbrug”. A old bridge about a hour away from me and afterward see where I end up.



One of my person assignment was to make a new self portrait. I know the whole narcissism selfie culture is irritating all of us, But I like having a good profile picture and I like to update it once every while. I also want my self-portrait to express my love for adventure and my current profile pictures just didn’t do this. There might be some deeper thought behind this. Lately I have been very much experimenting with landscape photography, something I am not good at. I notice I find it hard to make photo’s where there is no people in it. Maybe I’m stil a bit scared of making dedicated landscape photos.



I was lucky with the weather this morning. After having rain along the way to the bridge I got lucky and I ended up having a small opportunity to photograph the sunrise. I was to late to photograph the bright orange sky which occurred just before it. With the beginning of fall I find it hard to plan the sunrise.

The bridge Is about 1,5km walk from the parking spot and easy to find, the tracks run on a dike which In the swampy landscape is very prominent. it think its about 400 meter long and dates back to 1895. The last train passed here in 1972. in 2011 they finished renovating it and it looks really good. you can walk over the bridge, there are various hiking trails. Do note the bridge early in the morning is VERY slippery. they put iron plates between the tracks which I don’t think was the best idea. One of the cool things is that here, you can make those epic train track photo’s whiteout being killed by a train. (I know this is a big problem in the US).
On the side of the bridge is a floating deck where you can look at it from the side. great place for pictures!


You might notice I tried various techniques and It isn’t a series. I didn’t want to make a documentary I just wanted to go out and have fun. After capturing about everything I noticed I could easy climb on the pillars.. Well easy, relatively easy. I had to climb on the wet steel and jump on the pillar. this is a little leap of fate since everything around you is wet, you don’t know how slippery it is. The worst thing that could happen is me faling in the water from 4 meters up.. well it would be awkward but I would defiantly survive. So I went for it. I took my phone and wallet out of my pockets put a trigger in my pocket and put the remote on my camera. I put my camera on top of the steel sides and jumped over. I setup my tripod on one of the disused pillars. (the bride was supposed to be a double but they never build the second part, honestly the bridge turned out to be quite useless.). I focused on the next pillar. I doubted if I wouldn’t need to use al longer lens, but I didn’t want to keep climbing around cos my pants was already wet and my camera bag was still on the train tracks. So I focused in set everything to manual and jumped back on the bridge. when climbing up I almost slipped, don’t tell my mom. So I wen’t up on the next pilar did some awkward posed and I thought It might be cool to sit down with my legs on the edge. I somewhat had the image and composition in mind clicked it a couple of times and went back. I immediately loved this one cos of the profile it gave me. (See top image). I retrieved my camera and went back to the other side of the bridge.



The bridge also gives great opportunity to make puddle photos! the water stays on the iron plating and gives you images like above. In conclusion I had an awesome morning photographing at Moerputten bridge. Wil definitely go back once to put some model in the scenery. My lesson for today is that there is so much to see in your own country but if you stay at home you will never find anything. I’m happy I woke up early and got the shots! Even if they are selfies…





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