Retouching your early work and confronting yourself its ok.

I started photographing in 2010. So we can say I’m new in the business. I’m very proud to say, I can now can do it fulltime and call it my main occupation.
My second occupation has became retouching. It hasn’t always been as good as I thought it was. I mean when I was studying photography Me and a buddy where practically the only people on the whole school (including the teachers) who could retouch. We used to get payed by school to give classes to other students in photoshop. This however didn’t mean I was any good at it. I could big mashups I could replace a sky or do some dodge and burning but Portraits I sucked at.. luckily my friend was amazing at it and he thought me allot throughout the years.


In the beginning of my career I mainly focused on photojournalism and I was to scared to photograph people up close. Today I really don’t like making photos without people in them. I like capturing emotions and I find it hard to find subject in for example landscapes. Anyways back to my awful photoshop skills in photo school.


Yesterday I was looking trough some old harddrives and I find this project I did for a friend of mine who studied styling. I saw the photo and I really liked the concept! I also died a little inside seeing what I made of it. The girl did an excellent job working it out, did a good deal of makeup (take in mind she was a first year student), made the dress and I…. Well I did a good job making the light flat and delivering a horrible job..

*confession* To indicate how much I knew I was doing back then, The image was shot with an 5D MKII at with a 24-105mm F4L IS USM at 60mm F22 1/6 ISO400 in a studio… Yes… thats the actual exif. I’m ashamed to tell it really… also a weird thing.. I shoot Nikon my whole career apart from a year where I had to shoot canon for an agency. I never owned this camera and lens, So I have absolute no idea how this happend..*confession*

So today I retouched my image again, and I really liked the proces! It gives you a change to understand how your style and opinion on photography/portraits change. I always worked really hard to learn as much as I can, and i think after 3 years it really made a difference. I would all challenge you to do the same!


Straight out of Camera
Straight out of Camera


The photo I delivered.
My new retouch.
My new retouch.



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