Storm over Kinderdijk

Yesterday I came back from Belgium and noticed some beautiful clouds after some rainfall. From my experience this often brings a good sunset.
I decided to drive to Kinderdijk. I hopped to capture a epic sunset together with some windmills. When I arrived a large cover was covering the sun. At that point you can only wait and hope. I set up my tripod near the water. I did some test shot with my 35mm and noticed It would take ages to get a long exposures. The only thing I could do was use my old 50mm 1.8D with the two ND filters I always carry with the lens.


Camera placed near the water.
I know the filters and lens are small, but great for travel.


A good tip for doing long exposure photography is weighing down your tripod. Underneath most tripods there is a small hook. Hang your camera bag on this hook to pull down the tripod, making it less sensitive for vibration.


My MEFOTO tripod with a lowepro cameraback hooked on.


After taking my first image, and waiting for a small 5 minutes my camera gave a error… Taking in account camera’s still need about 75% of the exposure time to save the image to the SD card, this was about 10 minutes wait for nothing.. Not so great when your loosing light. I wonder why we don’t have dual core in €2500 camera? Anyways this error happend before. It could be multiple things. for example the SD card, but the most obviously would be the lens this time. The 50mm 1.8D is a lens made for analogue SLR’s. there is a aperture ring on the lens which need to be locked when used on a digital camera. The last time I used the lens was on a Nikon F3 film SLR so I think this could be the problem. removed and reattached the lens, try it again. Same problem.
It wouldn’t be the SD card would it?! I always have a backup cart in my wallet. Switched it out, took the image and guess what? It was the SD..


I always carry a backup SD in my wallet.
Since Kinderdijk is the most tourist place after Amsterdam it’s imminent you have to make a pic for them. As a Dutch photographer I obliged to do it.

Holland is a great place to photograph, but what isn’t great is the unexpected weather. This evening I expected a sunny, light overcast sunset. It went from 0 to 100 reaaaaal quick ending up in a small storm. I was still shooting images. when Behind me dark clouds came up. I was totally not happy with the images I had so far and I was about to call it a day when the dark turned really dark. I started to get worried I would be a great lightning target walking on my own in a open field. I decided to move out.  When I moved out the dark clouds turned in really quick and I saw showers coming on the horizon.
This did gave ma perfect opportunity to grab a shot of a windmill where the lights just went on. It was a windmill which I normally wouldn’t photograph because of the big modern buildings on the background, but the clouds totally distracted the eye from it and it turned out in this pretty sweet pic!






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